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Intricate old-style brooch purchased new in France in 1998. Amethyst stone in the center, pink and purple accent stones on a brass filigree layered setting. 1 7/8" x 1 3/8". $65.

Green rhinestone earrings purchased new in France in 1998. For pierced ears, with frosted green stones in chartreuse shades and a sparkling center stone in a dark yellow-green. Darkened brass setting makes the stones glow. 1" wide. $38.

Rhinestone ring in a darkened brass base, with colors of olive and champagne in a daisy style with navettes as petals. Highest quality stones. You can tell how well-made this ring is by looking at the rounded prongs, which look like the prongs used in fine jewelry. Purchased in Paris, France, in 1998. The adjustable base measures 1 1/8" round. $39.

This contemporary French ring cannot be appreciated until you see it in person. Purchased in Paris, France, in 1998, this ring first captivated me because of the contrast between the frosted glass sapphire stones and the central pale aquamarine rhinestone. The ring is set in an adjustable darkened brass base that measures 1 1/8" round. $39.

This is one of the prettiest costume jewelry rings ever. It is contemporary, set in "gunmetal" to highlight the color of the stones, and large at 1 1/8" x 7/8". The stones are a light aqua color. This would grace the hand of any lady. 32$.

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