Francesca Myman

Painting * Mixed Media * Design

The Zine Project


In Fall of 2006, I was involved in a project with students from Oakland Technical High School.  The objective was to provide creative direction and graphics for a Zine project designed to increase student body awareness about sexuality, health, drugs, and violence.  My group worked closely with Oakland Technical students to provide a visual direction for the ZINE.  The students selected my designs for both submission flyer and cover art, after a review process. Team member Brianne Naiman also contributed to cover ideas.

I wanted to create a design appropriate to the setting; the Oakland Tech student body is predominantly African-American and students rightly asked for a multicultural representation.  I spent time walking around the campus to get a sense of the place.  For the cover, I incorporated student art and suggestions.  Purple and gold are the school colors.  The art is designed for a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pamphlet and represents both front and back covers.  I chose the floating words on the back cover from student work, and the words on the front cover were developed in conjunction with the students as we talked about the direction they foresaw for the ZINE.


Medium: Illustrator CS2


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